Source code for cybox.objects.email_message_object

# Copyright (c) 2017, The MITRE Corporation. All rights reserved.
# See LICENSE.txt for complete terms.

from mixbox import entities
from mixbox import fields
from mixbox.vendor import six

import cybox.bindings.email_message_object as email_message_binding
from cybox.common import ObjectProperties, String, PositiveInteger, DateTime
from cybox.objects.address_object import Address, EmailAddress

class _Reference(object):
    """Mixin class for AttachmentReference and LinkReference.

    By providing the __init__ constructor, it allows passing in IDs (as
    strings) where otherwise building a new object would be required.

    For example, instead of:
        uri = URI("")
        links = Links()

        linkref = LinkReference()
        linkref.object_reference = uri.parent.id_

    You can do:
        uri = URI("")
        links = Links()

    object_reference = fields.TypedField("object_reference")

    def __init__(self, object_reference=None):
        super(_Reference, self).__init__()
        self.object_reference = object_reference

class _ReferenceList(object):
    """Mixin class that allows _References to be added to a list."""

    def _fix_value(self, value):
        if isinstance(value, six.string_types):
            return self._contained_type(value)

[docs]class AttachmentReference(_Reference, entities.Entity): _binding = email_message_binding _binding_class = email_message_binding.AttachmentReferenceType _namespace = ""
[docs]class LinkReference(_Reference, entities.Entity): _binding = email_message_binding _binding_class = email_message_binding.LinkReferenceType _namespace = ""
[docs]class Attachments(_ReferenceList, entities.EntityList): _binding = email_message_binding _binding_class = email_message_binding.AttachmentsType _namespace = '' file = fields.TypedField("File", AttachmentReference, multiple=True)
[docs]class EmailRecipients(entities.EntityList): _binding = email_message_binding _binding_class = email_message_binding.EmailRecipientsType _namespace = '' _try_cast = True # EmailRecipients allows you to pass recipients via the constructor recipient = fields.TypedField("Recipient", EmailAddress, multiple=True)
[docs]class ReceivedLine(entities.Entity): _binding = email_message_binding _binding_class = email_message_binding.EmailReceivedLineType _namespace = "" from_ = fields.TypedField("From", String) by = fields.TypedField("By", String) via = fields.TypedField("Via", String) with_ = fields.TypedField("With", String) for_ = fields.TypedField("For", String) id_ = fields.TypedField("ID", String) timestamp = fields.TypedField("Timestamp", DateTime)
# TODO: write function to try to parse a single string into this structure.
[docs]class ReceivedLineList(entities.EntityList): _binding = email_message_binding _binding_class = email_message_binding.EmailReceivedLineListType _namespace = "" received = fields.TypedField("Received", ReceivedLine, multiple=True)
[docs]class EmailHeader(entities.Entity): _binding = email_message_binding _binding_class = email_message_binding.EmailHeaderType _namespace = "" received_lines = fields.TypedField("Received_Lines", ReceivedLineList) to = fields.TypedField("To", EmailRecipients) cc = fields.TypedField("CC", EmailRecipients) bcc = fields.TypedField("BCC", EmailRecipients) from_ = fields.TypedField("From", EmailAddress) subject = fields.TypedField("Subject", String) in_reply_to = fields.TypedField("In_Reply_To", String) date = fields.TypedField("Date", DateTime) message_id = fields.TypedField("Message_ID", String) sender = fields.TypedField("Sender", EmailAddress) reply_to = fields.TypedField("Reply_To", EmailAddress) errors_to = fields.TypedField("Errors_To", String) boundary = fields.TypedField("Boundary", String) content_type = fields.TypedField("Content_Type", String) mime_version = fields.TypedField("MIME_Version", String) precedence = fields.TypedField("Precedence", String) user_agent = fields.TypedField("User_Agent", String) x_mailer = fields.TypedField("X_Mailer", String) x_originating_ip = fields.TypedField("X_Originating_IP", Address) x_priority = fields.TypedField("X_Priority", PositiveInteger)
[docs]class EmailMessage(ObjectProperties): _binding = email_message_binding _binding_class = email_message_binding.EmailMessageObjectType _namespace = '' _XSI_NS = "EmailMessageObj" _XSI_TYPE = "EmailMessageObjectType" header = fields.TypedField("Header", EmailHeader) email_server = fields.TypedField("Email_Server", String) raw_body = fields.TypedField("Raw_Body", String) raw_header = fields.TypedField("Raw_Header", String) attachments = fields.TypedField("Attachments", Attachments) links = fields.TypedField("Links", Links) # TODO: make an equivalent to "TypedField" for "Shortcuts" # Shortcut properties @property def to(self): return @to.setter def to(self, value): if not self.header: self.header = EmailHeader() = value @property def from_(self): return self.header.from_ @from_.setter def from_(self, value): if not self.header: self.header = EmailHeader() self.header.from_ = value @property def subject(self): return self.header.subject @subject.setter def subject(self, value): if not self.header: self.header = EmailHeader() self.header.subject = value @property def date(self): return @date.setter def date(self, value): if not self.header: self.header = EmailHeader() = value @property def message_id(self): return self.header.message_id @message_id.setter def message_id(self, value): if not self.header: self.header = EmailHeader() self.header.message_id = value @property def sender(self): return self.header.sender @sender.setter def sender(self, value): if not self.header: self.header = EmailHeader() self.header.sender = value @property def reply_to(self): return self.header.reply_to @reply_to.setter def reply_to(self, value): if not self.header: self.header = EmailHeader() self.header.reply_to = value @property def x_originating_ip(self): if not self.header: return None return self.header.x_originating_ip @x_originating_ip.setter def x_originating_ip(self, value): if not self.header: self.header = EmailHeader() self.header.x_originating_ip = value