python-cybox Documentation

The python-cybox library provides an API for developing and consuming Cyber Observable eXpression (CybOX) content. Developers can leverage the API to create applications that create, consume, translate, or otherwise work with CybOX content.


Each version of python-cybox is designed to work with a single version of the CybOX Language. The table below shows the latest version the library for each version of CybOX.

CybOX Version python-cybox Version
2.1 (PyPI) (GitHub)
2.0.1 (PyPI) (GitHub)
2.0 (PyPI) (GitHub)
1.0 1.0.0b3 (PyPI) (GitHub)


  • My RAM consumption rises when processing a large amount of files.
    This is a known behavior caused the caching mechanism built into the cybox.core.object.Object class. To prevent this issue from happening use the cybox.utils.caches.cache_clear method in your code/script to release the cached resources as appropriate. For example, it could be every time you parse or serialize a document.

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