Source code for cybox.objects.address_object

# Copyright (c) 2017, The MITRE Corporation. All rights reserved.
# See LICENSE.txt for complete terms.

from mixbox import fields
from mixbox.vendor import six

import cybox.bindings.address_object as address_binding
from cybox.common import ObjectProperties, String, Integer

[docs]class Address(ObjectProperties): _binding = address_binding _binding_class = _binding.AddressObjectType _namespace = '' _value_field = 'address_value' _XSI_NS = 'AddressObj' _XSI_TYPE = 'AddressObjectType' CAT_ASN = "asn" CAT_ATM = "atm" CAT_CIDR = "cidr" CAT_EMAIL = "e-mail" CAT_MAC = "mac" CAT_IPV4 = "ipv4-addr" CAT_IPV4_NET = "ipv4-net" CAT_IPV4_NETMASK = "ipv4-netmask" CAT_IPV6 = "ipv6-addr" CAT_IPV6_NET = "ipv6-net" CAT_IPV6_NETMASK = "ipv6-netmask" address_value = fields.TypedField("Address_Value", String) category = fields.TypedField("category") is_destination = fields.TypedField("is_destination") is_source = fields.TypedField("is_source") is_spoofed = fields.TypedField("is_spoofed") vlan_name = fields.TypedField("VLAN_Name", String) vlan_num = fields.TypedField("VLAN_Num", Integer) def __init__(self, address_value=None, category=None): super(Address, self).__init__() self.address_value = address_value self.category = category def __str__(self): return six.text_type(self.address_value) # Shortcuts @property def condition(self): return self.address_value.condition @condition.setter def condition(self, value): self.address_value.condition = value
[docs]class EmailAddress(Address): """Convenience class for creating email addresses. Note that this is not an actual CybOX type.""" def __init__(self, addr_string=None): super(EmailAddress, self).__init__(addr_string, Address.CAT_EMAIL) @classmethod
[docs] def istypeof(cls, obj): return isinstance(obj, Address) and obj.category == Address.CAT_EMAIL