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cybox.core.object module

class cybox.core.object.DomainSpecificObjectProperties[source]

Bases: cybox.Entity

The Cybox DomainSpecificObjectProperties base class.

XML binding class: <undefined>
static from_dict(domain_specific_properties_dict)[source]
static from_obj(domain_specific_properties_obj)[source]

Populate an existing dictionary.

Note that this is different than to_dict() on most other CybOX types.

to_obj(return_obj=None, ns_info=None)[source]

Populate an existing bindings object.

Note that this is different than to_obj() on most other CybOX types.

class cybox.core.object.Object(properties=None, type_=None)[source]

Bases: cybox.Entity

The CybOX Object element.

Currently only supports the following data members: - id_ - idref - properties - related_objects

XML binding class: <undefined>
static from_dict(object_dict, obj=None)[source]
static from_obj(object_obj, obj=None)[source]
to_obj(return_obj=None, ns_info=None)[source]
class cybox.core.object.RelatedObject(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: cybox.core.object.Object

XML binding class: <undefined>
static from_dict(relobj_dict)[source]
static from_obj(relobj_obj)[source]
to_obj(return_obj=None, ns_info=None)[source]
class cybox.core.object.Relationship(value=None)[source]

Bases: cybox.common.vocabs.VocabString

XML binding class: <undefined>
cybox.core.object.add_external_class(klass, name=None)[source]

Adds a class implementation to this binding’s globals() dict.

These classes can be used to implement Properties, Domain_Specific_Object_Properties, or Defined_Effect fields on an Object.

  • klass (class) – Python class that implements the new type
  • name (str) – The name of the class, as it will appear in XML documents to be parsed. Defaults to klass.__name__.

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