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API Coverage

The python-cybox APIs currently provide ⚠ partial coverage of all CybOX-defined constructs. Development is ongoing toward the goal of providing ✓ full CybOX language support in the APIs. Until such time that full coverage is provided, an overview of which constructs are available in these APIs will be maintained below.

CybOX Features

CybOX Construct API Coverage Documentation
Composite Observable ✓ Full cybox.core.observable.ObservableComposition
Event ⚠ Partial cybox.core.event.Event
Object ⚠ Partial cybox.core.object.Object
Observables ⚠ Partial cybox.core.observable.Observables
Observable ⚠ Partial cybox.core.observable.Observable
Relationships ⚠ Partial  

CybOX Objects

CybOX Construct API Coverage Documentation
Account Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.account_object.Account
Address Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.address_object.Address
API Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.api_object.API
Archive File Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.archive_file_object.ArchiveFile
ARP Cache Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.arp_cache_object.ARPCache
Artifact Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.artifact_object.Artifact
AS Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.as_object.AutonomousSystem
Code Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.code_object.Code
Custom Object × None  
Device Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.device_object.Device
Disk Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.disk_object.Disk
Disk Partition Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.disk_partition_object.DiskPartition
DNS Cache Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.dns_cache_object.DNSCache
DNS Query Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.dns_query_object.DNSQuery
DNS Record Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.dns_record_object.DNSRecord
Domain Name Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.domain_name_object.DomainName
Email Message Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.email_message_object.EmailMessage
File Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.file_object.File
GUI Dialogbox Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.gui_dialogbox_object.GUIDialogbox
GUI Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.gui_object.GUI
GUI Window Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.gui_window_object.GUIWindow
HTTP Session Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.http_session_object.HTTPSession
Hostname Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.hostname_object.Hostname
Image File Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.image_file_object.ImageFile
Library Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.library_object.Library
Link Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.link_object.Link
Linux Package Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.linux_package_object.LinuxPackage
Memory Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.memory_object.Memory
Mutex Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.mutex_object.Mutex
Network Connection Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.network_connection_object.NetworkConnection
Network Flow Object × None  
Network Packet Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.network_packet_object.NetworkPacket
Network Route Entry Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.network_route_entry_object.NetworkRouteEntry
Network Route Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.network_route_object.NetRoute
Network Socket Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.network_socket_object.NetworkSocket
Network Subnet Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.network_subnet_object.NetworkSubnet
PDF File Object ⚠ Partial cybox.objects.pdf_file_object.PDFFile
Pipe Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.pipe_object.Pipe
Port Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.port_object.Port
Process Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.process_object.Process
Product Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.product_object.Product
Semaphore Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.semaphore_object.Semaphore
SMS Message Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.sms_message_object.SMSMessage
Socket Address Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.socket_address_object.SocketAddress
System Object ⚠ Partial cybox.objects.system_object.System
URI Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.uri_object.URI
URL History Object × None  
Unix File Object × None  
Unix Network Route Entry Object × None  
Unix Pipe Object × None  
Unix Process Object × None  
Unix User Account Object × None  
Unix Volume Object × None  
User Account Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.user_account_object.UserAccount
User Session Object × None  
Volume Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.volume_object.Volume
Whois Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.whois_object.WhoisEntry
Win Computer Account Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_computer_account_object.WinComputerAccount
Win Critical Section Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_critical_section_object.WinCriticalSection
Win Driver Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_driver_object.WinDriver
Win Event Log Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_event_log_object.WinEventLog
Win Event Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_event_object.WinEvent
Win Executable File Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_executable_file_object.WinExecutableFile
Win File Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_file_object.WinFile
Win Filemapping Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_filemapping_object.WinFilemapping
Win Handle Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_handle_object.WinHandle
Win Hook Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_hook_object.WinHook
Win Kernel Hook Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_kernel_hook_object.WinKernelHook
Win Kernel Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_kernel_object.WinKernel
Win Mailslot Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_mailslot_object.WinMailslot
Win Memory Page Region Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_memory_page_region_object.WinMemoryPageRegion
Win Mutex Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_mutex_object.WinMutex
Win Network Route Entry Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_network_route_entry_object.WinNetworkRouteEntry
Win Network Share Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_network_share_object.WinNetworkShare
Win Pipe Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_pipe_object.WinPipe
Win Prefetch Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_prefetch_object.WinPrefetch
Win Process Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_process_object.WinProcess
Win Registry Key Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_registry_key_object.WinRegistryKey
Win Semaphore Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_semaphore_object.WinSemaphore
Win Service Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_service_object.WinService
Win System Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_system_object.WinSystem
Win System Restore Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_system_restore_object.WinSystemRestore
Win Task Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_task_object.WinTask
Win Thread Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_thread_object.WinThread
Win User Account Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_user_object.WinUser
Win Volume Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_volume_object.WinVolume
Win Waitable Timer Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.win_waitable_timer_object.WinWaitableTimer
X509 Certificate Object ✓ Full cybox.objects.x509_certificate_object.X509Certificate

CybOX Vocabularies

CybOX Construct API Coverage Documentation
ActionArgumentNameVocab-1.0 ✓ Full cybox.core.action.ArgumentName
ActionNameVocab-1.0 × None (replaced by version 1.1)  
ActionNameVocab-1.1 ✓ Full cybox.core.action.ActionName
ActionObjectAssociationTypeVocab-1.0 ✓ Full cybox.core.associated_object.AssociationType
ActionRelationshipTypeVocab-1.0 × None  
ActionTypeVocab-1.0 ✓ Full cybox.core.action.ActionType
CharacterEncodingVocab-1.0 ✓ Full cybox.common.extracted_string.CharacterEncoding
EventTypeVocab-1.0 × None (replaced by version 1.0.1)  
EventTypeVocab-1.0.1 ✓ Full cybox.core.event.EventType
HashNameVocab-1.0 ✓ Full cybox.common.hashes.HashName
InformationSourceTypeVocab-1.0 ✓ Full cybox.common.measuresource.InformationSourceType
ObjectRelationshipVocab-1.0 × None (replaced by version 1.1)  
ObjectRelationshipVocab-1.1 ✓ Full cybox.core.object.Relationship
ObjectStateVocab-1.0 × None  
ToolTypeVocab-1.0 × None (replaced by version 1.1)  
ToolTypeVocab-1.1 ✓ Full cybox.common.tools.ToolType

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