Source code for cybox.utils.idgen

# Copyright (c) 2015, The MITRE Corporation. All rights reserved.
# See LICENSE.txt for complete terms.

"""Methods for generating IDs for Objects and Observables"""

import uuid

from cybox.utils.nsparser import Namespace

EXAMPLE_NAMESPACE = Namespace("", "example")

__all__ = ['InvalidMethodError', 'IDGenerator', 'set_id_namespace',
           'set_id_method', 'create_id']

[docs]class InvalidMethodError(ValueError): def __init__(self, method): ValueError.__init__(self, "invalid method: %s" % method)
class IDGenerator(object): """Utility class for generating CybOX IDs for objects""" METHOD_UUID = 1 METHOD_INT = 2 METHODS = (METHOD_UUID, METHOD_INT) def __init__(self, namespace=EXAMPLE_NAMESPACE, method=METHOD_UUID): self.namespace = namespace self.method = method self.reset() def reset(self): self.next_int = 1 @property def namespace(self): return self._namespace @namespace.setter def namespace(self, value): if not isinstance(value, Namespace): raise ValueError("Must be a Namespace object") self._namespace = value self.reset() @property def method(self): return self._method @method.setter def method(self, value): if value not in IDGenerator.METHODS: raise InvalidMethodError("invalid method: %s" % value) self._method = value self.reset() def create_id(self, prefix="guid"): """Create an ID. Note that if `prefix` is not provided, it will be `quid`, even if the `method` is `METHOD_INT`. """ if self.method == IDGenerator.METHOD_UUID: id_ = str(uuid.uuid4()) elif self.method == IDGenerator.METHOD_INT: id_ = self.next_int self.next_int += 1 else: raise InvalidMethodError() return "%s:%s-%s" % (self.namespace.prefix, prefix, id_) # Singleton instance within this module. It is lazily instantiated, so simply # importing the utils module will not create the object. __generator = None def _get_generator(): """Return the `cybox.utils` module's generator object. Only under rare circumstances should this function be called by external code. More likely, external code should initialize its own IDGenerator or use the `set_id_namespace`, `set_id_method`, or `create_id` functions of the `cybox.utils` module. """ global __generator if not __generator: __generator = IDGenerator() return __generator
[docs]def set_id_namespace(namespace): """ Set the namespace for the module-level ID Generator""" _get_generator().namespace = namespace
[docs]def set_id_method(method): """ Set the method for the module-level ID Generator""" _get_generator().method = method
[docs]def create_id(prefix=None): """ Create an ID using the module-level ID Generator""" if not prefix: return _get_generator().create_id() else: return _get_generator().create_id(prefix)

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