Source code for cybox.objects.linux_package_object

# Copyright (c) 2015, The MITRE Corporation. All rights reserved.
# See LICENSE.txt for complete terms.

import cybox
import cybox.bindings.linux_package_object as linux_package_binding
from cybox.common import ObjectProperties, String, StructuredText
from cybox.common.vocabs import VocabString

[docs]class LinuxPackageArchitecture(VocabString): _XSI_TYPE = None
[docs] def is_valid(self): """For a vocab string to be valid, it must have an xsi:type, a vocab_name, or a vocab_reference.""" return True
[docs]class LinuxPackage(ObjectProperties): _binding = linux_package_binding _binding_class = linux_package_binding.LinuxPackageObjectType _namespace = "" _XSI_NS = "LinuxPackageObj" _XSI_TYPE = "LinuxPackageObjectType" architecture = cybox.TypedField("Architecture", LinuxPackageArchitecture) category = cybox.TypedField("Category", String) description = cybox.TypedField("Description", String) epoch = cybox.TypedField("Epoch", String) evr = cybox.TypedField("EVR", String) name = cybox.TypedField("Name", String) release = cybox.TypedField("Release", String) vendor = cybox.TypedField("Vendor", String) version = cybox.TypedField("Version", String)

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