Source code for cybox.objects.file_object

# Copyright (c) 2015, The MITRE Corporation. All rights reserved.
# See LICENSE.txt for complete terms.

import cybox
import cybox.bindings.file_object as file_binding
from cybox.common import (ByteRuns, DateTime, DigitalSignatureList, Double,
        ExtractedFeatures, HashList, HexBinary, ObjectProperties, String,
        UnsignedLong, Integer)

[docs]class FilePath(String): _binding = file_binding _binding_class = file_binding.FilePathType _namespace = '' def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): String.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) self.fully_qualified = None
[docs] def is_plain(self): return (super(FilePath, self).is_plain() and self.fully_qualified is None)
[docs] def to_obj(self, return_obj=None, ns_info=None): self._collect_ns_info(ns_info) filepath_obj = String.to_obj(self, return_obj=return_obj, ns_info=ns_info) if self.fully_qualified is not None: filepath_obj.fully_qualified = self.fully_qualified return filepath_obj
[docs] def to_dict(self): filepath_dict = String.to_dict(self) if self.fully_qualified is not None: filepath_dict['fully_qualified'] = self.fully_qualified return filepath_dict
[docs] def from_obj(filepath_obj): if not filepath_obj: return None filepath = FilePath() filepath._populate_from_obj(filepath_obj) filepath.fully_qualified = filepath_obj.fully_qualified return filepath
[docs] def from_dict(filepath_dict): if not filepath_dict: return None filepath = FilePath() filepath._populate_from_dict(filepath_dict) if isinstance(filepath_dict, dict): filepath.fully_qualified = filepath_dict.get('fully_qualified') return filepath
[docs]class EPJumpCode(cybox.Entity): _binding = file_binding _binding_class = file_binding.EPJumpCodeType _namespace = '' depth = cybox.TypedField("Depth", Integer) opcodes = cybox.TypedField("Opcodes", String)
[docs]class EntryPointSignature(cybox.Entity): _binding = file_binding _binding_class = file_binding.EntryPointSignatureType _namespace = '' name = cybox.TypedField("Name", String) type_ = cybox.TypedField("Type", String)
[docs]class EntryPointSignatureList(cybox.EntityList): _binding = file_binding _binding_class = file_binding.EntryPointSignatureListType _binding_var = "Entry_Point_Signature" _contained_type = EntryPointSignature _namespace = ''
[docs]class Packer(cybox.Entity): _binding = file_binding _binding_class = file_binding.PackerType _namespace = '' name = cybox.TypedField("Name", String) version = cybox.TypedField("Version", String) entry_point = cybox.TypedField("Entry_Point", HexBinary) signature = cybox.TypedField("Signature", String) type_ = cybox.TypedField("Type", String) detected_entrypoint_signatures = cybox.TypedField("Detected_Entrypoint_Signatures", EntryPointSignatureList) ep_jump_codes = cybox.TypedField("EP_Jump_Codes", EPJumpCode)
[docs]class PackerList(cybox.EntityList): _binding = file_binding _binding_class = file_binding.PackerListType _binding_var = "Packer" _contained_type = Packer _namespace = ''
[docs]class FileAttribute(cybox.Entity): """An abstract class for file attributes."""
[docs]class FilePermissions(cybox.Entity): """An abstract class for file permissions."""
[docs]class File(ObjectProperties): _binding = file_binding _binding_class = file_binding.FileObjectType _namespace = '' _XSI_NS = "FileObj" _XSI_TYPE = "FileObjectType" is_packed = cybox.TypedField("is_packed") is_masqueraded = cybox.TypedField("is_masqueraded") file_name = cybox.TypedField("File_Name", String) file_path = cybox.TypedField("File_Path", FilePath) device_path = cybox.TypedField("Device_Path", String) full_path = cybox.TypedField("Full_Path", String) file_extension = cybox.TypedField("File_Extension", String) size_in_bytes = cybox.TypedField("Size_In_Bytes", UnsignedLong) magic_number = cybox.TypedField("Magic_Number", HexBinary) file_format = cybox.TypedField("File_Format", String) hashes = cybox.TypedField("Hashes", HashList) digital_signatures = cybox.TypedField("Digital_Signatures", DigitalSignatureList) modified_time = cybox.TypedField("Modified_Time", DateTime) accessed_time = cybox.TypedField("Accessed_Time", DateTime) created_time = cybox.TypedField("Created_Time", DateTime) # Subclasses must redefine these, since the abstract types # cannot be instantiated. file_attributes_list = cybox.TypedField("File_Attributes_List", FileAttribute) # abstract permissions = cybox.TypedField("Permissions", FilePermissions) # abstract user_owner = cybox.TypedField("User_Owner", String) packer_list = cybox.TypedField("Packer_List", PackerList) peak_entropy = cybox.TypedField("Peak_Entropy", Double) sym_links = cybox.TypedField("Sym_Links", SymLinksList) byte_runs = cybox.TypedField("Byte_Runs", ByteRuns) extracted_features = cybox.TypedField("Extracted_Features", ExtractedFeatures) encryption_algorithm = cybox.TypedField("Encryption_Algorithm", String) decryption_key = cybox.TypedField("Decryption_Key", String) compression_method = cybox.TypedField("Compression_Method", String) compression_version = cybox.TypedField("Compression_Version", String) compression_comment = cybox.TypedField("Compression_Comment", String) def __init__(self): super(File, self).__init__() self.is_packed = None @property def md5(self): if self.hashes is None: return None return self.hashes.md5 @md5.setter def md5(self, value): if self.hashes is None: self.hashes = HashList() self.hashes.md5 = value @property def sha1(self): if self.hashes is None: return None return self.hashes.sha1 @sha1.setter def sha1(self, value): if self.hashes is None: self.hashes = HashList() self.hashes.sha1 = value @property def sha224(self): if self.hashes is None: return None return self.hashes.sha224 @sha224.setter def sha224(self, value): if self.hashes is None: self.hashes = HashList() self.hashes.sha224 = value @property def sha256(self): if self.hashes is None: return None return self.hashes.sha256 @sha256.setter def sha256(self, value): if self.hashes is None: self.hashes = HashList() self.hashes.sha256 = value @property def sha384(self): if self.hashes is None: return None return self.hashes.sha384 @sha384.setter def sha384(self, value): if self.hashes is None: self.hashes = HashList() self.hashes.sha384 = value @property def sha512(self): if self.hashes is None: return None return self.hashes.sha512 @sha512.setter def sha512(self, value): if self.hashes is None: self.hashes = HashList() self.hashes.sha512 = value @property def size(self): """`size` is an alias for `size_in_bytes`""" return self.size_in_bytes @size.setter def size(self, value): """`size` is an alias for `size_in_bytes`""" self.size_in_bytes = value
[docs] def add_hash(self, hash_): if hash_ is not None: if self.hashes is None: self.hashes = HashList() self.hashes.append(hash_)

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