Source code for cybox.common.structured_text

# Copyright (c) 2015, The MITRE Corporation. All rights reserved.
# See LICENSE.txt for complete terms.

import cybox
import cybox.bindings.cybox_common as common_binding

[docs]class StructuredText(cybox.Entity): _binding = common_binding _namespace = '' def __init__(self, value=None): super(StructuredText, self).__init__() self.value = value self.structuring_format = None
[docs] def to_obj(self, return_obj=None, ns_info=None): self._collect_ns_info(ns_info) if not return_obj: return_obj = common_binding.StructuredTextType() return_obj.valueOf_ = self.value if self.structuring_format is not None: return_obj.structuring_format = self.structuring_format return return_obj
[docs] def to_dict(self): # Shortcut if structuring_format is not defined. if self.is_plain(): return self.value text_dict = {} text_dict['value'] = self.value text_dict['structuring_format'] = self.structuring_format return text_dict
[docs] def is_plain(self): """Whether this can be represented as a string rather than a dictionary Subclasses can override this to include their custom fields in this check: return (super(..., self).is_plain() and self.other_field is None) """ return (self.structuring_format is None)
[docs] def from_obj(cls, text_obj, text=None): if not text_obj: return None if not text: text = StructuredText() text.value = text_obj.valueOf_ text.structuring_format = text_obj.structuring_format return text
[docs] def from_dict(cls, text_dict, text=None): if text_dict is None: return None if not text: text = StructuredText() if not isinstance(text_dict, dict): text.value = text_dict else: text.value = text_dict.get('value') text.structuring_format = text_dict.get('structuring_format') return text
def __str__(self): return self.__unicode__().encode("utf-8") def __unicode__(self): return unicode(self.value)

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