Source code for cybox.objects.as_object

# Copyright (c) 2017, The MITRE Corporation. All rights reserved.
# See LICENSE.txt for complete terms.

from mixbox import fields

import cybox.bindings.as_object as as_binding
from cybox.common import NonNegativeInteger, ObjectProperties, String

[docs]class AutonomousSystem(ObjectProperties): _binding = as_binding _binding_class = as_binding.ASObjectType _namespace = "" _XSI_NS = "ASObj" _XSI_TYPE = "ASObjectType" number = fields.TypedField("Number", NonNegativeInteger) name = fields.TypedField("Name", String) handle = fields.TypedField("Handle", String) regional_internet_registry = fields.TypedField("Regional_Internet_Registry", String)
# Add alias for the "proper", but completely unhelpful name, "AS" AS = AutonomousSystem