Source code for cybox.core.associated_object

# Copyright (c) 2017, The MITRE Corporation. All rights reserved.
# See LICENSE.txt for complete terms.

from cybox.core import Object
from cybox.common.vocabs import VocabField
import cybox.bindings.cybox_core as core_binding

# backwards compatibility
from cybox.common.vocabs import ActionObjectAssociationType as AssociationType  # noqa

[docs]class AssociatedObject(Object): """The CybOX Associated Object element. Currently only supports the id, association_type and ObjectProperties properties """ _binding = core_binding _binding_class = _binding.AssociatedObjectType association_type = VocabField("Association_Type", AssociationType) def __init__(self, defined_object=None, type_=None, association_type=None): super(AssociatedObject, self).__init__(defined_object, type_) self.association_type = association_type